Massage Therapy for Structural Ballancing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

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Working at a desk all day is very hard on our bodies. As humans, we were meant to live an active lifestyle moving around on two feet not sitting at our desks in chairs tethered to a computer monitor for hours and hours at a time. The worst part is that these habits don't just stop at work but also make up a large part of our personal life and free time. Facing forward and hardly moving your neck causes a lot of tension from being "frozen" in that one position and the stress that comes with many jobs only fuels that tension often times causing headaches that just never seem to go away.
Sitting shortens a lot of muscles and with inactivity they create a bad muscle memory that being short is what is natural when it is not. This particularly creates a problem for the legs and gluteal muscles that contribute largely to low back pain, hip discomfort, and sciatica. With the technology age, we have developed we have also come across other conditions like tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome from typing. Many of these conditions can be slowed by good habits and posture, however, sometimes we don't always have access to the items we need to facilitate those changes.
Scoliosis is also another large concern I work with on many clients to help coax the muscles to hold or support the asymmetries and in severe cases aid in decreasing the angle and even assisting in reversing rotations.
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