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Generation Therapies focused massage techniques are geared specifically toward bodybuilders and physiques athletes from world-class professionals to beginners learning the sport. Genevieve uses specific techniques and skill that are required to help bring out the very best in Bodybuilders and physique on stage to pose. The particulars of this specialized sport massage technique. This sport demands focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements Genevieve can bring them into balance, symmetry and help you to show your very best on strange, be able to get more out of your work outs and feel better though out it all.

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Genevieve is so informative on why she's doing what she's doing. Not only did I have a lot of my muscles stretched and massaged out but she explained how it works with my body. She also told me what corrective exercises to do daily to stay stretched out, overall phenomenal job!
— Austin on Mar 25
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